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Founded in Hiroshima in 2003, Bari-Uma has become well-known for its homemade ramen, secretly formulated super-rich pork bone broth and thick-cut, flame-grilled chashu. Today, Bari-Uma is the biggest ramen chain in Hiroshima, with 37 branches in Japan and overseas including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and now Hong Kong.
“Bari” is from the Hiroshima dialect meaning “very” or “super”, while “Uma” comes from the Japanese word “umai” which means “tasty”, so “Bari-Uma” means “super tasty”.
Bari-Uma makes its own bouncy ramen noodles and secretly formulated super-rich pork bone broth, and tops it off with a flavorful, molten-center egg and our signature thick-cut flame-grilled chashu. As you take a sip of the rich, tasty broth, pick up the bouncy ramen on your chopsticks and bite into our thick, flame-grilled chashu which melts in your mouth, you will understand what super tasty (Bari-Uma) really means.

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